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About Me

Deirdre Grate, MD. Forever a proud tiger, I received my BA in biological sciences with a minor in psychology from Clemson University. I received my medical degree at the Medical University of South Carolina and completed my residency with Palmetto Health-USC Family Medicine in 2019.

As a family medicine physician, my mother has always been my role model of what a doctor should be. Because of her, I developed my passion for primary care at a young age. I enjoy every aspect family medicine has to offer including working with people of all ages, practicing preventative medicine, and treating chronic illnesses. Most importantly, I want to build lasting bonds with patients as they work to achieve their health goals. I am happy to be with Aspen Family Care as this medical journey continues.

Though raised in South Carolina, I always felt there was more out there for me.  After my first trip into the Colorado Rockies, I knew this was what I had been seeking. I can likely be spotted hiking/backpacking and practicing photography in my free time. Ever the music enthusiast, you may also find me at a local concert, a musical, or just serenading my cat, Melody Pond, on the piano. 

Deirdre Grate, MD

Family Physician

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