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This is and will be a continually changing process as we learn more about how to prevent infection and treat infection.  

For those with symptoms of COVID-19:   COVID-19 can present with many symptoms.   If you think you may have COVID-19, please schedule a telemedicine visit.   If testing or further evaluation is needed, we will instruct you during your visit how this will be done in a safe manner.   If you have COVID-19 symptoms, DO NOT physically enter our building.   Also, we do not provide “walk-in” services for COVID-19 or any other issues during this time.   This is important to prevent further exposure risk.


For information on COVID-19 vaccines:   Please keep updated on public health announcements put out by our state and local health departments.   For more information please visit:


For people without symptoms but exposed to COVID-19:   These guidelines are subject to change.  As a general rule, current guidelines recommend quarantine for 10 days after exposure.   This can be shortened to 7 days if a COVID-19 test was done and negative on day 5.   Monitoring for symptoms must continue for the full 14 days.  For more information, please visit:


We currently do not have enough testing available to test people without symptoms.   If you have been exposed but have no symptoms or just desire testing, please visit:


For travel COVID-19 testing: We currently do not have enough testing available to test those that desire testing for travel.   To get this testing performed please visit:   If there is a timing issue regarding needing to get results back within a specified time limit, please schedule a telemedicine visit, there are a couple of centers that will provide them within a time guarantee but a provider will need to meet with you to get this order done.


For people diagnosed with COVID-19, quarantine guidelines:   These guidelines are subject to change.  As of 12/3/2020, current guidelines for those at home with illness recommend a minimum quarantine of 10 days.  Infected individuals must ALSO have no fever, without fever reducing medications, for a minimum of 24 hours and also demonstrate improving symptoms.   For more information, please visit:

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