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Body contour modification was once only available through surgical procedures, resulting in scarring and long recovery times. For the person who works hard to achieve optimal body weight, persistent stores of fat around the abdomen and other areas can be discouraging when they don’t respond to diet or exercise. Aspen Medical Aesthetics at Aspen Family Care in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, offers SculpSure® body sculpting, a noninvasive way to address stubborn fat in particular locations. Call or book online today to see if SculpSure is right for you.

SculpSure Q & A

How does SculpSure work? 

SculpSure uses laser light in a new and exciting way to address fat stores around the abdomen, flanks, and other areas in a nonsurgical, zero-downtime treatment taking only about 25 minutes per specific area. Using laser light, SculpSure’s applicators target adipose tissue, the layer that stores fat cells in the body. Skin absorbs little energy at the wavelength at which SculpSure operates, and there is a built-in, active cooling mechanism to maintain comfort during the procedure.  


As the SculpSure laser hits the adipose tissue layer, the light energy converts to heat and raises the temperature of the fat tissue, which disrupts the cells. The body’s healing systems engage, and over a few weeks, the disrupted cells are naturally eliminated through the lymphatic system. With a patient at a stable weight, these lost fat cells are gone for good. The body won’t replace these without significant weight gain. Reductions through SculpSure treatments are therefore permanent. In clinical trials, the average fat volume reduction using SculpSure was up to 24% following a single treatment.   

Are there drawbacks or side effects with SculpSure?

In some cases, laser energy is absorbed by the skin, resulting in symptoms similar to mild sunburn, but without the damage of sunlight, since SculpSure’s lasers have no ultraviolet light component. If any symptoms occur, they typically pass in a day or two. Otherwise, it’s rare for SculpSure to cause any downtime. For example, a patient can schedule a lunch break SculpSure session, then return immediately to work or other daily activities.  

Because SculpSure damages adipose tissue and the body slowly reabsorbs the affected fat cells, results take about six weeks to become noticeable, reaching maximum effect about 12 weeks after treatment. Since individual results vary, and specific goals of individuals also vary, patients may need more than one treatment to get maximum benefits.   

Can SculpSure be used as a weight loss treatment? 

SculpSure works best with people at stable body weights that are at or close to optimal body mass levels. While SculpSure reduces the number of fat cells, weight loss affects the size of fat cells, not their quantity. The purpose of SculpSure is body contouring, not weight loss. Weight loss is important if someone is overweight, for many health reasons. Because of this, our medical practice, Aspen Family Care, is equipped to help you with guidance and education in regards to weight management.   

*Individual results may vary.

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