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Flu Shots //

Getting a flu vaccine is important for protecting your health, your family’s health, and the health of our community.   With COVID-19, this is especially important because:

  • It decreases risk of contracting influenza on top of potential COVID-19 infection. 

  • It decreases risk that you will have to quarantine for COVID-19 potential infection, as influenza and COVID-19 can clinically look similar. 

  • It helps preserve vital hospital and health resources for treatment of COVID-19.  


Flu vaccines are generally recommended for ages 6 months and up for everyone. 


If you have not done your flu vaccine yet, please call our office at 303.471.4711 (option1) to schedule it.  We can do your flu vaccine curbside as well.   Ask about this when scheduling.


For more information on influenza and vaccination please visit:

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